Happy 5th Birthday Sauers Cares!

Five years ago, Sauers Cares began as a simple idea… how can we better support those already doing incredible work in our community? Since then, we’ve successfully partnered with more than 30 local causes ranging from cancer support and economically disadvantaged children to homelessness and food insecurity effectively providing assistance and hope to thousands of people in Bucks County, Montgomery County and beyond! 

Through the years, Sauers Cares has successfully assisted more than 30 causes in Bucks and Montgomery counties.

What We’ve Done

In the last 5 years, we’ve made significant strides in our mission to create a better, safer, healthier, more inclusive community. Our flagship event, the Muscle Up Against Cancer Car Show, is now in it’s 7th year of providing hundreds of thousands of dollars in relief to organizations assisting men and women experiencing many different types and stages of cancer. Our 5K run has raised thousands of dollars to help provide children with heart screenings uncovering heart conditions that are treatable if detected early.

Our true passion lies in projects, and we’ve had the opportunity to do some pretty incredible ones over the last 5 years! In 2021, we had opportunity to enhance the Jamison Elementary School playground with an autistic support sensory section that included tactile walls and pathways, a water fountain, musical instruments and a garden. This $40,000 project was funded by generous donations from local companies and community members, and was constructed with the support of 60 volunteers.

In 2022, Sauers Cares took on the task of fully renovating a kitchen at The Breathing Room Foundation, a non-profit facility that provides individualized care to cancer patients. The kitchen, which didn’t have so much as a functioning oven, was needed to prepare meals for those they supported. Sauers Cares facilitated the remodel which included new appliances, tons of cabinets for kitchen essentials and donation storage, ample counter space, a coffee station, and a gorgeous center island for preparing and packaging or serving meals. Click here to see the remodel!

In 2023, Sauers Cares took on one of it’s largest tasks to date… securing funding for a van, upfitting the interior and stocking it with essentials for The Grace Project, a non-profit organization that brings much needed supplies to the homeless population in the Kensington section of Philadelphia, PA. The van doesn’t just help transport necessities, it brings hope to those who have so little. It has also helped to alleviate wear and tear on the vehicles of their many volunteers.

Sauers Cares is successful thanks to the generosity of our individual and business donors.

Looking Ahead

As we look forward to the future, we envision an opportunity to provide a wider range of support to those who are most vulnerable in our community. As we receive partnership requests, we learn the needs of those around us continue to grow in our current hostile economy, and can often be quite complex.  

Our goal continues to be to assist our community to the best of our ability. To continue this important and fulfilling work, we rely entirely on the donations of our generous supporters.

How You Can Help

There are several ways you can help Sauers Cares continue their mission of tailoring local community resources to solve local community problems:

  1. Become a Sauers Cares G.E.M. (Give Every Month) – Committing to a monthly donation as small as $10 allows you to spread your gift out over the course of the year providing the largest possible impact to those in need in our community. For every 10 monthly donors, we can commit assistance to one new organization and/or cause! Plus, all monthly donors receive a commemorative t-shirt!

2. Attend a Fundraising Event – Each Sauers Cares fundraising event is paired with a worthy cause in our community. Your support at these events enable us to continue providing assistance to important causes that are doing incredible work in our area.

3. Share Our Social Media Posts – Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools available in 2024. Each share allows us to spread awareness of our mission. You can visit our platforms on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

4. Share Our Mission With Your Family and Friends – As a fully, privately funded non-profit organization, it’s important for our supporters to share our mission. What’s unique about Sauers Cares is that we partner with causes that are important to our supporters. The sky is the limit. No project is too small or too large. If we can help, we will!

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  1. What an amazing job this organization is doing . Im beyond proud of my brother Jeff for taking part of it.

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