Delivering Hope to The Breathing Room

Breathing Room Foundation kitchen ribbon cutting

Sauers Cares’ brand new kitchen renovation to helps families facing cancer with our newest Hope Partner, The Breathing Room.

The Breathing Room Foundation logo

Located in Elkins Park, The Breathing Room Foundation provides care and support to local families affected by cancer, allowing them a bit of “breathing room” from their daily struggle against cancer. BRF offers financial and logistical support, children’s wellbeing programs, meals and care packages, and emotional support. 

Recently, BRF moved into a new space and one of their keystone initiatives was going to be an even greater challenge. This initiative invites volunteers to use the on-site kitchen to make home-cooked meals that are delivered to their families in need. Once a week, dedicated volunteers like Cindy’s Suppers cook and serve meals to families and their invited guests in the formal dining room. This simple but lovely act gives families a warm and peaceful way to relax and connect without the hassle of hosting or cleaning up. Unfortunately, The Breathing Room’s new space had an outdated kitchen that didn’t even have a working stove! And that’s when Sauers Cares stepped in.

Breathing Room before Kitchen Renovation
Breathing Room before Kitchen Renovation
Breathing Room before Kitchen Renovation

Our 2022 MUAC Car Show raised the funds to provide BRF with a full kitchen renovation, culminating in a beautiful and functional space. Sauers Cares introduced BRF to our longtime friends and supporters at TJ Kyle Construction as well as other contacts who were able to donate appliances and kitchen wares and, together, we identified the needs and wants that would most impact the BRF community. The plan was set and we all could not wait to see this amazing transformation.

“Many families affected by cancer don’t have the capacity to thank caregivers & family members in this way. It’s a beautiful time for families to come together, enjoy each other’s company over a beautiful table and for the volunteers in the kitchen to gain just as much joy from sharing their own family recipes. We’re excited to celebrate this kindness that Sauers Cares has shown to The Breathing Room, the volunteers, and the families!”


Cindy’s Suppers

It’s time to announce that the kitchen renovation is complete and it’s now ready for cooking! The BRF kitchen now has beautiful new appliances, tons of cabinets for kitchen essentials and donation storage, ample counter space, a coffee station, and a gorgeous center island for preparing and packaging or serving meals – everything to ensure the continued success of this important program that helps families facing cancer.

Breathing Room after Kitchen Renovation
Breathing Room after Kitchen Renovation
Breathing Room after Kitchen Renovation

We’d like to send a very special thank you to everyone who made our MUAC Car Show a raging success, allowing us to make such an impact for The Breathing Room Foundation with this kitchen renovation! And you better believe that the Sauers Snow team will volunteer to cook in this amazing kitchen real soon!

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