We Deliver Hope.

A nonprofit devoted to local causes and needs - as determined by its surrounding community.

Why we do it.

Although Sauers Cares obtained its 501c3 designation in July 2019, Executive Director Stephanie Sauers-Boyd has been involved in charitable causes since the age of 13 when her mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and she was introduced to the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. Since 2010, Stephanie has held multiple positions both with the Eastern Montgomery County Relay for Life planning committee, and on various committees at her church.

Since 2010, she has been planning and holding large fundraiser events with the support of her friends, family, and colleagues in order to raise funds primarily for the American Cancer Society.

As an owner of Sauers Snow and Ice Management with her two brothers, Stephanie has had a major impact on setting core values and culture in her primary business, and was thrilled when the leadership team decided that Community would be a core value of the company. It has been a long time dream of Stephanie's to start her own non-profit so she could lead a team on helping other causes in need, and now with an amazing team behind her, it's time to get things rocking and rolling. 


How we do it.


Step 1: Identify a Need for Hope

Through the input of our community via submissions of causes and organizations in need of assistance, our Board of Directors evaluates all proposed recipients and determines the best fit for the organization.

Step 2: Develop a Creative Solution

Once a need is determined, the Board of Directors, along with supporting team members and partners, will brainstorm creative ways that Sauers Cares can provide a solution whether it be a fundraiser to raise money or through support another way.

Step 3: Deliver the Hope

Our favorite part of the process. When all the pieces have been executed and we are able to deliver hope to the needs identified by our community.