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Transform the lives of those living in Bucks and Montgomery County who are in most need of support.
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Let us support the cause impacting those in Bucks and Montgomery County that you care about most.

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Transform the lives of those living in Bucks and Montgomery County who are in most need of support.

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Let us support the cause impacting those in Bucks and Montgomery County that you care about most.

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Mission Statement

Sauers Cares is a catalyst for change, tailoring local community resources to solve local community problems.


We envision a better, healthier, safer, and more inclusive community in Bucks and Montgomery Counties.

To accomplish this goal, we mobilize a deep network of diverse community connections to empower Bucks and Montgomery County nonprofits with funding and logistical resources that benefit local individuals and families.

Cancer Support Community food drive camp snacks
Jim Boyd with Adam Johnson of Journey Church



We listen to the needs of our local community, partners, and stakeholders.


We initiate visible and impactful projects that contribute to the continued success of our partners.


We introduce community groups to local nonprofits, bringing like-minded folks together.


We prioritize transparency, openness, and honesty.


We and our partners identify and implement custom, creative solutions and strategies together.


We review and refine our operations, strategies, and priorities regularly and look forward to replicating our successes.

Unite for Her Build-A-Box delivery
Steph Sauers-Boyd with Sue Weldon and Melissa Christie of Unite for HER
Volunteers MUAC Car Show
Joe and Mike Sauers at the annual Muscle Up Against Cancer event

Our History

Stephanie Sauers-Boyd founded Sauers Cares because of her love for supporting local causes.

Growing up, Stephanie was always involved in charitable causes. After her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000, Stephanie became involved with the American Cancer Society’s Eastern Montgomery County Relay for Life. Since then, she has held multiple positions with the Eastern Montgomery County Relay for Life planning committee and by 2010, she became instrumental in helping to raise funds for this organization.

With the continued success of her fundraising events at the American Cancer Society, Stephanie hoped to expand her role to support broader community needs. With this hope, Sauers Cares was born. At its core, Sauers Cares embodies Stephanie’s love for community and the care community relationships provide. Stephanie, along with her core leadership team, founded Sauers Cares with the intention of providing this kind of community care and support for as many local causes as possible in the Bucks and Montgomery county areas.

Sauers Snow and Ice Management, owned by Stephanie and her two brothers, Joe Sauers and Mike Sauers, has also been instrumental in making the dream of this Sauers family nonprofit organization a reality. As Stephanie got more personally involved in fundraising and community support, she was able to rally Sauers Snow and Ice Management employees to want to do the same. Over time, the company’s leadership grew, and Stephanie made it a point to hire higher-caliber individuals who were experts in their field, and who had the heart to give. 

Even within just this one company - Sauers Snow and Ice Management - there were so many causes being advocated for that needed support. These included, but were not limited to organ donation, clean water overseas, autistic child support and support for those with cancer. 

Sauers Snow and Ice Management is now in its 20th year as a company. Sauers Snow emphasizes community as one of its strongest values and looks forward to supporting Sauers Cares for many years to come.

How we do it.


Step 1: Identify a Need for Hope

The Bucks and Montgomery County community submits projects and local organizations in need of assistance via our Organization Partnership Submission Form.

Step 2: Select a Need for Hope

As we have the availability and capacity to take on new projects, our Board of Directors evaluates all proposed Hope Partner projects and determines the best fit for Sauers Cares.

Step 3: Develop a Hopeful Solution

Once a Hope Partner project is selected, the Board of Directors, supporting team members and the Hope Partner organization collaboratively brainstorm creative ways to approach the project.

Step 4: Deliver Hope

Sauers Care’s staff, supporters, and our Hope Partners work tirelessly to implement our project plans, aspiring to bring hope to our beloved community members.

Step 5: Share Hope

Once hope is delivered, we aim to share that hope with as many people as possible - from community members and leaders to donors, volunteers, and beyond.
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How to Support

There are two ways to financially support the work of Sauers Cares: donating to our general fund or directly donating to selected Hope Partner projects.

The advantage of donating to Sauers Cares’ general fund? We carefully evaluate and vet all submitted organizations and projects so that you don’t have to. You can trust us to fund and support organizations with critical missions that will truly benefit our local community. 

By giving to specific projects through Sauers Cares, you’re giving us the ability to aid in projects that our partners need extra help with. We don’t partner with other organizations just to “do it”; rather, we choose to work with nonprofits that might not sustain or exist without supplemental support.

Help us make our beloved Bucks and Montgomery counties better, healthier, safer, and more inclusive communities than ever before!

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