What makes a Sauers Cares event so successful?

Nothing pulls an event together like the sweet collaboration of a team sharing the passion of helping others and the drive to be wildly successful at anything that they do. And that’s what Sauers Cares has.

To date (March 2020), all fundraising events have been fully planned and managed by the team at Sauers Snow and Ice Management. This is a team of people who are process driven, who thrive on identifying areas of improvement, and who all share Community as a core value in both their personal and professional lives.

It is no surprise that a team whose role is to maintain order in the chaotic industry of snow and ice management knocks it out of the park on every event that they plan together.

Muscle Up Registration
Team 2019

Based on our experience, below are the top 5 requirements for holding a successful event:

1. A strong leader that organizes and pushes the team/project to completion
2. Roles must be defined for the team who is organizing the event so that expectations are clear for all that are involved.
3. Be able to offer something different and exciting for your guests that makes them really want to support your event and therefore your cause.
4. Have a solid plan in place for spreading the word – to participants, to potential sponsors, to the community – have a plan to get everyone involved.
5. Seek feedback during the planning process from relevant parties, and use it! Take advantage of learning from other’s people’s learning experiences.

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