Virtual Bingo Draws Real Success

“We love games, we love helping others, and we love our extended family. Sauers Cares Virtual Bingo was fantastic! Made to order: we spent a fun two hours on Zoom playing for a worthy cause while virtually visiting with our family. Thanks, Sauers Cares for being a bright light in these trying times.”

– The Jersey Miesniks

With Covid restrictions changing on an almost daily basis, many events have been put on hold or cancelled all together. Non-Profit Sauers Cares didn’t let that hold them back from delivering hope through a creative solution, as their tagline explains. 

The non-profit held a Virtual Bingo event to benefit the Superhero Project, an organization dedicated to helping babies in the NICU. The event was held via Zoom call on Friday, November 13th at 7 p.m. and drew a virtual crowd of about 85 participants.

“The Superhero Project wishes to thank the entire team at Sauers Cares for choosing us as a charity to support this November. November is a special time for our charity, as we just celebrated our 5th birthday. It is only because of the thoughtful individuals like the board at Sauers Cares that we are able to continue our mission of supporting families in the NICU,” said Kelly Gallagher, founder of The Superhero Project, INC.

Those participants helped to raise over $900 for the organization so that it can continue its mission of helping families.

“We will use these funds to provide a holiday to remember for our local NICU families. This December, the holiday spirit will be in full swing because of this funding,” Gallagher said as she thanked Sauers Cares “for choosing us and helping make a difference in the community.”

Another avenue for family fun was made possible by Sauers Cares, who enjoyed participating behind-the-scenes with their own family. Prizes included Amazon gift cards and family photo shoot by OM Media.

Stephanie Sauers-Boyd who set up the event had a lot of sentiments about being able to hold the fundraising activity.

Sauers-Boyd and her son worked and played alongside each other during the event.

“Organizing and running this event was a lot of fun, and it felt good being able to produce something safe to do that was a nice change of pace for everybody.  I give a big shout out to my 7-year old who sat quietly next to me playing the whole time (even though he was frustrated he wasn’t winning!).  It’s very rewarding including my kids in the behind-the-scenes of everything Sauers Cares sets out to do for the community. I love having him exposed to the diversity of challenges that surround us in our backyards and bringing him along to fulfill our mission.”

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