Crossed the Finish Line for The GRACE Project

After months of fundraising, planning, searching, and collaborating, we were finally able to reveal The GRACE Project van to Megan and her board. We completed work on the van for The GRACE Project and had a small Van Reveal BBQ to celebrate!

Most importantly, we were once again reminded of why we do what we do here at Sauers Cares. We know that this gift will make such a huge impact for The GRACE Project.

“This is a really big deal. When I started The GRACE Project a couple of years ago, I never imagined we would get to this level. This is going to make such a huge difference for me and our volunteers.”

“This will really help with our Kensington Outreach program. Every single Thursday we’re out at McPherson Square Park from 6-8, giving out food and hygiene products and working on wound care. So there are a lot of supplies that come along with that. Having this space to keep everything together is huge and to see all the people who care and have supported us is such a blessing. So thank you!”

Take a look through some photos of the process.

We Found the Van!
Found the Van!
Upfitting the Interior
Measure Twice, Cut Once
Builder’s Apprentice
Storage in Progress
Stocking the Van
Stocking the Van
The Big Van Reveal!
Driving Hope
Driving Hope In van
Driving Hope Megan
Driving Hope van reveal
Van Interior
Driving Hope board
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Thank you so much to everyone who supported our work with The GRACE Project and keep an eye out for this amazing van in the area!

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