Tablets Donated for Children’s Telehealth

This year has been different for all and a challenge for most. Adaptations have become the norm, but for some, simple adjustments may not be attainable. 

Knowing this, Sauers Cares donated over 80 tablets for children and families who receive telehealth services through Child and Family Focus, Inc.’s Operation Joy.

The program is used to provide resources for children and families in need, not limited to things like back-to-school supplies, holiday help, assistance with basic necessities such as clothing and utilities. 

“These tablets will let us see our clients even when they’re not able to come into the office, and when the families don’t have the resources to provide them with this necessary clinical care,” according to Head of Operation Joy, Rachel.  

The tablets were collected through cash and item donation, set up for Sauers Cares’ 2020 Giving Tuesday campaign in December. With this donation, 80 kids and their families will be able to safely continue telehealth counseling services from home to continue curbing the virus.   

This will help the program and its clients through the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond, Rachel said. 

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