Sauers Cares interviews Kelly Gallagher with The Superhero Project

Back in February, we put out a link to the community to nominate nonprofits that are doing great things.

One of the nominations was for The Superhero Project and on June 10th, we invited the founder Kelly Gallagher to join us on our monthly virtual board meeting.

Kelly shared with us her amazing story how the organization got started and how far it’s come in it’s short, yet very successful 5 years.

Kelly has twin boys who were born 8 weeks premature, causing devastation for her family when she had to choose between being home with her older kids and staying in the hospital with the newborn twins. After getting through those challenging times, Kelly googled Innovative NICU Technology and came across Angel Eye Cameras. These cameras are built to work in a hospital setting and provide a secure feed of the baby in the NICU to the families at home.

Kelly and her team have brought this 24/7 camera technology to 4 Philadelphia area hospitals so far and they are working on expanding to some other major hospitals in the areas.

In addition to the cameras, The Superhero Project also supplies celebration, comfort, support, and honor to NICU families in other ways. Some examples of this include providing PJs and a Smile to NICU moms, providing care packages for NICU families, paying bills for families that need to be out of work for extended periods of time, and even sometimes aiding in the very sad situation of a loss of child.

The Superhero Project team is doing amazing things, and we are looking forward to partnering on an event or drive in the near future!

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