Muscle Up Against Cancer Wildly Successful

After 7 years of fundraising through a fun night out bowling, Executive Director Stephanie Sauers-Boyd and her teammates decided to change the atmosphere and have a car show instead. The Sauers family has a long-standing love of cars as Bernie Sauers (Stephanie’s dad) restored classic cars prior to having children. Additionally, Joe Sauers (Stephanie’s brother) first car was a 1963 Impala, and Jim Boyd (Stephanie’s husband) cruises in his 1963 Cadillac throughout the summer.

Jim Boyd’s 1963 Cadillac cruising Main Street Hatboro during a Summer Cruise night.

Stephanie also knew that holding an event where pre-registration 1-month prior to the event was becoming more and more challenging. The car show allowed for the event team to accept day-of registrations and it offered more flexibility for the community. By holding a car show, the entire community could get involved at no cost for spectating and thus, increase the reach of the event.

Stephanie’s 5 year old, JB handing out event flyers at another local car show.

After much advertising and dedication to make the event as known as possible to the car enthusiasts and families in the area, we have raised $58k between our 2018 and 2019 events. Please join us on Saturday July 11, 2020 for our 3rd annual Muscle Up Against Cancer!

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