Hope Promotor Campaign EXCEEDS $25,000 goal!

In November we launched the Sauers Cares Hope Promotor campaign, an initiative to help further our community impact in 2024. With the help of so many generous donors, we EXCEEDED our $25,000 goal! The Hope Promotor campaign raised $27,177. Stephanie Sauers Boyd, Executive Director, and her husband Jim generously matched $25,000 bringing the grand total to an astounding $52,177!

Hope Promotor donations directly benefit our ability to make a difference in the lives of those in need right here in our community providing a sturdy foundation as we move through 2024. Thanks to this funding, Sauers Cares will be able to partner with DOUBLE the number of causes providing assistance to 10-12 local organizations this calendar year!

Our Hope Promotor campaign may be closed but monthly, reoccurring donations are available all year and secure the future of our work. Be A G.E.M. and Give Every Month! Sauers Cares G.E.M.s receive recognition on our website and in our Annual Report. As a thank you, they also receive a commemorative “I’m A G.E.M.” t-shirt.

With the help of our Hope Promotors we will be able to significantly expand our local reach this year because where there‚Äôs YOU, there is HOPE. 



Jim Boyd & Steph Sauers Boyd

Ray & Cheryl Kurpiel

Dennis Mangin

Redmond McConnell

Tony & Jenn Parrado

Michele Salvo

Joe Sauers

Dennis Stanton


David Bailey

John Baker

Pete Benz

Mike Durkin

Lisa Green

Richard & Denise Leh

Enrico Roman


Richard and Donna Behringer

Debora D’Anna

Troy Ostrander & Carolee Waite-Ostrander


RJ Colantonio

Christian Lester


Robert Ford

Steven Flaks

James Fuchs

Ralph Hedrick

Jim Raudenbush

Robert & Patti Sands

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