Hope Delivered to Bucks County Woman’s Shelter

**Note: Due to the privacy of the location of the shelter and the privacy of the residents, photos of the shelter will not be posted. So please take the time to read through what we’re up to!

The mission of Sauers Cares is to partner with other existing nonprofits and augment their efforts with our resources.

During Covid-19 with the Stay at Home orders in place, there has been an uptick in domestic violence and need for women and children to have a place to flee from their abusers. Our first partnership has been formed with A Woman’s Place in Bucks County. ( https://awomansplace.org/ )

When we spoke with the representatives of the organization, we asked how we could make the greatest impact and they described an urgent need for baby essentials and a situation with water in the basement at the shelter.

Executive Director, Stephanie Sauers-Boyd with her family infront of a portion of donations collected for the Baby Essentials Drive.

The first thing we did was setup a Baby Essentials Drive for diapers, wipes, creams, and blankets. And the second thing we did was took a virtual tour of the shelter and identified through a Zoom walk-through that the gutters needed attention.

On May 12, 2020 – we dropped off 37 cases of diapers, 74 pouches of wipes, 72 creams/soaps, 28 cleaning supply items, and a variety of blankets and baby foods – filling the shelter’s community room with the baby essentials they desperately needed!

In addition – we got to work on the gutter system on the outside of the shelter where we found clogs in gutters, broken brackets, and even poison ivy climbing up the wall.

Our construction projects are led by Jeff Edwards, who has a background in construction through his experience owning a construction company, being a code enforcer, and his current role of owning commercial properties and running day to day facility management operations.

If you feel inspired to make a donation towards the efforts we are making with A Woman’s Place, and other organizations, you can visit the Donation page of our website and make a secure contribution through Paypal!

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