Garden and Gutter Project at Bucks County Shelter

**Note: Due to the privacy of the location of the shelter and the privacy of the residents, photos of the shelter will not be posted. So please take the time to read through what we’re up to!

On Saturday May 16th, nine volunteers met at a local shelter, and provided multiple overdue services to the property.

Jeff Edwards, our construction guru, spent 4 hours working on the gutter system – cleaning them out, re-attaching pieces that were falling down, and redirecting downspouts as needed.

While Jeff worked on the gutters, the rest of the team cleaned out beds, edged and mulched them, and even planted some flowers.

Finally, to top off this delivery of hope, Jason Ostrander, Vice Chairman, led us in a complete overhaul of the existing rundown garden area. The timbers in place when we arrived were completely rotted and full of ants, so we started over from scratch with all new wood.

A big shoutout to Jason and Calu for filling the garden for the residents. Veggies included lettuce, tomatoes, onions, carrots, green beans, strawberries, cucumbers, and peppers!

With the extra soil that we removed from the garden, Jim and JB filled in some holes in the yard.

Overall, a great morning was had by all, for the benefit of the residents.

If you would like to make a donation to Sauers Cares towards the work we are doing – feel free to check out our Donation Page and make a tax-deductible contribution via Paypal.

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