Driving Hope for The GRACE Project

Steph and Stephanie sat down to chat with Megan, Kev, and Mady about Driving Hope and how important partnership and collaboration are to smaller, start-up nonprofits.

After nearly a decade battling a drug addiction that left her estranged from everyone she loved, Megan Cohen started The GRACE Project to help others still struggling on the streets of Philadelphia. With her team, Megan has developed three programs to help those struggling with substance use disorders, poverty, and illness. All of these programs – Kensington Outreach, Hope for the Holidays, and Give a “Little” Hope – will be supported by our initiative to donate a vehicle to The GRACE Project.

Steph Sauers-Boyd summed up what makes Sauers Cares unique. “What makes us a great partner is that we listen to the beneficiaries that we want to work with. We’re not telling them what we think they need. We try to dig deep into what else do they need to get to the next step. We try to help nonprofits already doing great work make a greater impact.”

Megan and her team agree that collaborating with Sauers Cares is not reinforcing what a nonprofit is already doing. Instead, it is about helping nonprofits expand and imagine what’s next. It’s a different approach that embraces innovation and creativity.

We hope that you’ll take this opportunity to support Sauers Cares donate a vehicle with a branded wrap to The GRACE Project.

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