Meet our Newest Team Member!

Meet our newest team member - Stephanie Carr

Meet our newest team member! Our Marketing & Community Engagement Manager is excited to connect with our friends, partners, & supporters.

Sauers Cares Holds First Board Meeting

On Tuesday March 10th, just before PA went into shutdown mode, the board members for Sauers Cares met together for the first time. At the meeting, the board members all got to know each other, discussed causes and organizations important to each individual, reviewed our website, and really started to get a good grip on who we are as a …

What makes a Sauers Cares event so successful?

Nothing pulls an event together like the sweet collaboration of a team sharing the passion of helping others and the drive to be wildly successful at anything that they do. And that’s what Sauers Cares has. To date (March 2020), all fundraising events have been fully planned and managed by the team at Sauers Snow and Ice Management. This is …