Virtual Bingo supports The Superhero Project

Virtual Bingo Night

The Superhero Project - An Inspiring Mission 

Sauers Cares originally reached out to The Superhero Project because we were intrigued by the organization’s mission. During our meetings with Kelly Gallagher, the founder of this impactful nonprofit, our team was inspired by the passion and drive behind the organization’s mission to help NICU families. NICU families are those with babies born prematurely who reside in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of a hospital. The Superhero Project works to bridge the gap between home and hospital for families, donating care packages, assisting with financial grants, providing assistance to secure technology that allows families to see their baby 24/7 when they cannot be bedside and working hard to help ALL mothers and father’s feel loved.

Virtual Bingo!

After initial conversations, our team held a virtual bingo night to bring awareness to NICU families in need. We had a total of 85 participants and donated all proceeds from the event to support these super families. From providing car seats and clothing to equipping NICUs with secure cameras and voice recorders so babies can hear their parents' voices, Sauers Cares is proud to have been a part of the journey for these families.

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