The Grace Project

Our Newest Hope Partner

Sauers Cares newest partner is The Grace Project, in support of their Kensington Outreach program.

After nearly a decade battling a drug addiction that left her estranged from everyone she loved, Megan Cohen started the Grace Project to help others still struggling on the streets of Philadelphia.

With headquarters in Bucks County, The Grace Project aims to bring hope through acts of kindness to children and adults impacted by sickness, poverty, or addiction through three programs. Every Thursday, their Kensington Outreach brings essential supplies to the homeless suffering with drug use disorders, helps to place individuals in treatment, and cleans up a section of the neighborhood. 


Our Driving Hope Campaign

Right now, staff and volunteers are using their personal vehicles, filled to the brim with food, clothing, cleaning supplies, and more, to make the weekly trips into Kensington. Clearly, this situation is challenging for several reasons. First, there is only so much space in personal cars so this trip quickly becomes a caravan of cars driving into the city. Second, when delivering hot meals, there isn't a practical way to keep the food warm. Lastly, it isn't a safe way to transport individuals seeking treatment. Additionally, the folks who often need the most help don't recognize these cars as volunteers coming with food, toiletries, clothes, and other necessities.

To alleviate all of these challenges, Sauers Cares plans to support The Grace Project through our Driving Hope campaign!
We will donate a van with a branded wrap for deliveries, donation pick-ups, and assisting individuals enter treatment.

Drug Use Disorder Statistics in PA

(As reported by the PA DEA)

  • 293,000 people are living with an active substance use disorder
    • Montgomery County 12,379 individuals with drug use disorders
    • Bucks County 12,827 individuals with drug use disorders
  • PA has the third-highest opioid overdose rate in the U.S.
  • Opioids are responsible for 65% of all overdose deaths

Many of our neighbors who are struggling with addiction eventually end up in Kensington and other areas like it. Often, their families stay in the community, hanging on to the hope that they will be able to welcome their loved ones back home. We also hope that this partnership project will lead to more happy endings.

Visit The Grace Project website to learn more about their cause: