Become a Hope Builder

Become a Hope Builder

Thank you for considering service on the
Sauers Cares Board of Directors


 > Sharing the stories of our impact with friends, family, colleagues, & the community

 > Connecting us with potential new partners, sponsors, donors, & supporters

 > Engaging with us - responding to outreach & attending meetings & awesome events

 > Fundraising for and/or donating to our campaigns

 > Taking the initiative to reach out if you have questions or suggestions

 > Collaborating with other board members to strengthen events, campaigns, & committees

 > Exploring creative & innovative solutions to challenges in the organization & in the community

 > Doing amazing work with passionate & generous people


The Sauers Cares Board of Directors governs the overall execution of the organization’s mission. Principally, the board manages organizational finances and sets long-term priorities for programs and services.

  • Terms are for two years, with the option to renew your tenure.
  • Sauers Cares strives for 100% participation in board giving with cash or in-kind donations.

What is your circle of influence?
As with any nonprofit board, members are encouraged to leverage their own circle of influence for human, material, and financial resources.

Is Sauers Cares the right cause and organization for me?
Sauers Cares partners with small, local nonprofits in order to support the broader community. We provide volunteer opportunities for days of service, offer financial and in-kind donations, and host fundraising events in support of specific nonprofit projects in the greater Philadelphia region. For more information about our past initiatives, please visit

What can I/what will I contribute to the organization?
What skills contacts, and perspectives do I have that will be useful to this organization? How can the board use what I can bring? Consider first what you bring to the table and, then, whether you are willing to give that to our organization.

Do I believe in this organization enough to introduce my friends and colleagues to it?
Think about your current network of friends, family, and colleagues. There are lots of different ways to engage those folks with our organization like sharing posts on social media, sending invitations to events, or taking part in peer-to-peer fundraising opportunities. Are you comfortable connecting members of your networks to Sauers Cares? 

What do I want to get out of being on this board?
Board members who plan and ask for what they want in the board experience will contribute as well as gain more. Consider your goals and the ways in which those goals align with the mission of Sauers Cares. Do you want to create connections with other nonprofits or learn new skills? Do you want to make a difference in your community? Do you want to expand your network or create deeper relationships?

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