For Pete's Sake Cancer Respite Foundation

Providing Unique & Meaningful Experiences

For Pete’s Sake Cancer Respite Foundation enables cancer patients and their loved ones to strengthen, deepen, and unify their relationships by creating unforgettable and lasting respite experiences.

The Cancer Respite Program includes two forms: the Travel Respite and the Staycation Respite. Both experiences address the emotional, psychosocial, financial, physical and spiritual traumas that families confront with a cancer diagnosis. These experiences complement traditional treatment and play a crucial role in the patient continuum of care.

FPS works with oncology professionals at leading cancer centers to create these care-free, cost-free respites for an underserved patient population. This program is designed specifically for patients aged 21-55, receiving nominations from a member of their oncology team. Then, patients, with their caregivers and loved ones, receive a Travel Respite Experience. If they are unable to travel due to advanced stage cancer, they receive a Staycation Respite Experience in their own home. Amazingly, both forms of respite will forever change lives.

After each Respite Experience, FPS continues to provide priceless emotional support, working with community members and families to create small “mini breaks” throughout the year.

Our Partnership with For Pete's Sake

Sauers Cares is thrilled to announce a brand new partnership with For Pete's Sake Cancer Respite Foundation!

Every July, Sauers Cares dedicates the proceeds from our Muscle Up Against Cancer Car Show to a local cancer care charity.

In 2023, Sauers Cares will ambitiously partner with three local cancer care charities, including FPS. Together, we will initiate visible and impactful projects that contribute to these partner's success while benefiting individuals and families fighting cancer.

Visit to learn more!

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