Cancer Support Community donation drive delivery

The Cancer Support Community Food Drive

A Community-Wide Effort

Sauers Cares linked up with Cancer Support Community's (CSC) Greater Philadelphia branch to help families regain and retain normalcy after their lives have been disrupted by cancer.  The largest professionally-led nonprofit network of cancer support worldwide, the Cancer Support Community makes efforts to ensure that all people impacted by cancer are not alone by offering support and services to patients and families. CSC Greater Philadelphia provides all programs free of charge so there is never a barrier for anyone who needs cancer support. Their initiatives include support groups, educational programs, creative expression workshops, health & wellness classes, social activities, and kids & teen programs.

A Successful Cancer Support Community Food Drive! 

Through one of our board member's relationships with a food distributor, Sauers Cares collected and delivered food to CSC for its members and associates. These food drives allowed over 250 gallons of milk and plenty of produce to go to families coping with cancer.

Thanks to this generous connection, we were also able to support other nonprofits in the region. Learn more.

We look forward to working with the CSC of Greater Philadelphia in the future!

Visit CSC of Greater Philadelphia's website to learn more about their cause:

Cancer Support Community food drive
Cancer Support Community food drive delivery
Cancer Support Community food drive delivery
Cancer Support Community food drive delivery