Cancer Support Community donation drive Camp Kids


Camp Community Generosity

Unfortunately, CSC Camp KIDS was canceled in 2020 due to COVID-19. So in 2021, Sauers Cares partnered with the Cancer Support Community (CSC) of Greater Philadelphia to reboot their Camp KIDS in the summer.

Camp KIDS was able to successfully hold the event as safely as possible despite COVID scares, providing kids with individual art and cleaning supplies. Stephanie Sauers Boyd used the experience she gained sending her son to summer camp in 2020, to determine how to effectively meet COVID guidelines and protocols. Steph was able to speak with the director of her son’s camp, who so graciously provided their own manuals and advice for Steph to use for the safe and healthy re-institution of Camp KIDS.

COVID-19 Work-Arounds

After gathering these resources, Sauers Cares' board member Jeff Edwards was then able to partner with Bohmora, a janitorial company, which donated all of the cleaning supplies for the camp. Likewise, a snack drive was coordinated with Journey Church to gather over 1,200 individually packaged snacks. The church also provided 24 gallons of water that were used to refill individual water bottles for camp attendees.

Finally, Sauers Cares arranged camp t-shirts for all kids and staff, as well as cinch backpacks to hold their supplies. A generous $1,000 donation ($25 per camper) was made for art supplies or other administrative needs.

It's safe to say that Camp KIDS 2021 was a HUGE success!

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